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How fast will it take to get around the lake on your houseboat? Estimated times are based on running the houseboats at their optimum fuel efficiency of 2500 RPMs.

  • Salmon Arm to Sicamous: 3 Hours
  • Sicamous to Cinnamousun Narrows: 3 Hours
  • Cinnamousun Narrows to the end of Anstey Arms: 3 Hours
  • Cinnamousun Narrows to the end of Seymour Arm: 5 Hours
  • Scotch Creek to Cinnamousun Narrows: 5 Hours
  • South Mara Lake to Sicamous: 2 Hours

British Columbia is committed to keeping our lakes pristine, Quagga and Zebra Mussel free.
Please respect our lakes and boarder crossing patrols and STOP at the BC boat inspection stations.